What’s in a tradition: constructions, practices, policies and other trajectories

Nhar it-Tlieta, 29 ta’ Mejju 2018, fis-6.00pm, Dr Virginia Monteforte se tagħmel taħdita bl-Ingliż fis-sensiela dwar It-Tradizzjoni Orali, L-Università ta’ Malta​, bit-tema, “What’s in a tradition: constructions, practices, polices and other trajectories.” Din it-taħdita hija miftuħa għal kulħadd u se ssir fil-Librerija tal-Fakultà tal-Arti il-bini tal-Università ta’ Malta f’Tal-Qroqq.

Waqt it-taħdita se jissemmgħu rikordings ta’ Ġużè Cassar Pullicino jitkellem dwar x’inhu l-folklor u jaqra għanjiet popolari Maltin fil-forma ta’ kwartini. Ħajr lill-Klabb Kotba Maltin​ u lis-Sur Joseph Mizzi​ tal-għajnuna tagħhom.

Ritratt ta’ Ġużè Cassar Pullicino fil-Librerija tal-Università ta’ Malta.

On Tuesday 29 May 2018, at 6.00pm, Dr Virginia Monteforte will give a public talk on “What’s in a tradition: constructions, practices, polices and other trajectories” as part of the project on Oral Traditions run by the Department of Maltese in the Faculty of Arts of the University of Malta. This event is open to the general public and is being held in the Faculty of Arts Library of the University of Malta in Tal-Qroqq.

This seminar will reflect on the concepts of tradition, orality and cultural assets, in an attempt to investigate the wider context of practices, constructions and conflicts related to them and all the reciprocal relations between the different parts at stake. After having pointed out some anthropological and literary aspects implied in their dynamics, the intervention will conclude by suggesting additional, complementary and less frequently investigated trajectories in the study and the collecting of elements of oral tradition, such as the ones related to the collective, local oral political memory, whose study raised similar issues to the ones related to the oral tradition process itself.

Virginia Monteforte
Dr Virginia Monteforte (Detail from a photo by Marta Lombardi)

Dr Virginia Monteforte is a social anthropologist and a photographer. Her work deals with social memory, politics, material culture, migration and literature in the Mediterranean. She studied at the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy at La Sapienza in Rome where she graduated in Ethnology of Mediterranean Cultures and then at the EHESS, École des hautes études en sciences sociales (iiAC – LAIOS) in Paris where she got a Ph.D in Social Anthropology and Ethnology with a thesis entitled “Constructing the incurable. Memory and Political Opposition in Malta”. She has also worked in literary publishing and literary translation. She is a part-time visiting lecturer at the University of Malta in the department of Anthropological Sciences and co-founder of Rima (www.rimaproject.org), a project dealing with displacement and exile, created in Malta in 2014.




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